UDO street dance world championship Send Japanese dancers to U.K.

Journey to the United Kingdom! Japan dancers will represent their country in the ultimate competition held in Glasgow "UDO STREET DANCE WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP"! 


My name is Anthony Hutchinson a London-born dancer-choreographer aspiring to develop good relations between the UK & Japan. As a member of U.K. Based dance crew DEFINITIVES & The Sensational Street Dance Show Blaze I've had the opportunity to tour Europe & the world performing in venues such as holland's carré theatre to Australia's Sydney opera house. 
2014 became the year I began my pursuit in creating an interconnected cultural exchange as the artistic director of Prolific Visionary Productions. I have been working closely with young aspiring dancers in Kyoto, working toward expanding fundamental knowledge within street styles in order to nurture their growth. 

Japan has become the latest addition to the sensational street dance franchise UDO & a new addition to my activities throughout Japan. Since 2002, UDO has become one of the largest leading organization in street dance across Europe with an expanding membership of more than 50,000 members with a total of 36 countries participating each year. Since UDOJAPAN's establishment In 2015, April 30th will mark the 3rd annual qualifiers with the prospect of winners in each category advancing to the finals of UDO WORLDS which takes place in the summer in the United Kingdom.
In Japan there are an endless amount of talented young and vibrant dancers & for those wanting to challenge the event it can sometimes be financially difficult as travel expenses are covered at the dancers own expense. This sometimes leads to dancers losing the opportunity to participate so with the deepest sincerity I ask for your help in supporting this trip for young dancers by making a small contribution to help ease the burden of travel expenses for the dancers. Your donations & support will be greatly appreciated and will not be taken for granted.

I whole-heartedly would like to create the chance for dancers to experience the world! However although there are an extraordinary amount of young talented dancers, reality is that few people are actively participating throughout the world. I strive to help young individuals indulge in cultural activities. In 2014 I had the privilege to nurture & prepare kids to compete in UDO Finals 2015, receiving the runner-up title & winning duo's. In 2016 I had the opportunity to choreograph for 12 selected dancers to appear at the international dance festival held in Thailand. 
Participating in activities with dancers from an entirely different upbringing from their own gives young dancers insightful knowledge through conversation & technique. Sharing a style with someone that may live half way across the world can help them understand the cultural differences but also the similarities they may share. I feel that's so important in terms of growing on their own, It's empowering & instills positive values, good morals & a broader mind; I think it's imperative. UDO Japan qualifying tournament will help bridge the gap between both worlds allowing more chances for dance exchanges.

UDO STREET DANCE JAPAN qualifiers 2017, have been divided into a selection of categories: solo duo team
Age divisions are also divided:
11 years or under, 12-15 years, 16 years & older.
UDO strives to provide dancers of all ages, backgrounds, abilities and disabilities a valuable structured platform to positively display their creativity and love for street dance. Age divisions, categories & levels are divided to help create more chances for those to compete against others in their desired styles & seize the opportunity to compete in the world finals.

■ Japan qualifying schedule ■ 

Date: April 30, 2017 

Location: Miyako Messe Kyoto Kangyo Museum 


■ UDO Street Dance Worlds XII ■ 

Date: August 24 to 27, 2017 

Location: United Kingdom, Glasgow 

the number of countries: 36 countries 

Number of participants: 8000 people, including the audience


*past results of Japanese dancers competing at  championships

Solo - 6 winners 

Duo - 3 winners 

Team - 1 winner 


This will be japan's 3rd year participating in the world tournament. Last year the Number of dancers traveling to the UK for UDO 2017 with their own expenses was between 20-25 dancers. This year with your aid could make it possible for dancers that qualify, reach the finals and represent Japan.

Dancers who have competed in the finals from Japan in the past have been met with some outstanding results, Such as winner, runner-up in each category. Although the results are important for national glory they were also able to be socially active with dancers of the same age from a variety of countries. They were met with an open, warm & safe environment surrounded by a community of dancers from every nation cheering & supporting them from the top of their voices. The motivation & love for supporting each other is felt between dancers & everyone within the audience. There is no prejudice, segregation or racial tension. Only the love for dance we all share. It will be the best experience & a memory that will last a lifetime. 


making a living from dance or any type of art can be difficult at times but those that are still young & aspiring dancers aiming to be the best version of themselves, will continue to strive forward and never give up due to the love, passion & determination for success. Dance is more than just counts. Dance is a movement, a feeling. It's the heart that keeps beating & the young generation without a doubt live for what they love. Supporting the youth in traveling to UDO will open an endless amount of opportunities to create everlasting bonds, receive working connections & acquire the tools to live independently as a dancer. I believe in putting my all into helping create the ultimate experience for the next generation & I hope you can share the same feeling. I ask with the deepest sincerity for your help in supporting the next generation on this life changing experience. Thank you all so much & let's support the leaders of tomorrow, today! 

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36,000yen banner donation

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